Al -Qaeda Second Chief killed in Iran (tehran) by israiliis

Story coming from west asia where  al-qaeda’s second chief in command was  killed in iran three months ago.  Intelligence officials have confirmed  the news to a u.s based publication  the new york times abdullah abdullah who  went by the name  abu muhammad al-masri was accused of  being one of the master minds  of the deadly 1998 attacks on american  embassies in Africa.  224 kenyans were killed in the terrorist  attack  al-masri was shot dead by two assassins  on the streets of tehran on 7th of  august  the same day on which the attacks took  place nearly 22 years ago.  The killing was carried out by israeli  operatives at the behest of the united  states  but the u.s involvement in the incident  still remains unclear as washington  refrains from making any comments on the  killing.  The u.s had been tracking the movements  of al-masri and other al-qaeda  operatives  in iran for many years. al-masri was one  of the founding leaders of the extremist  organization  and was speculated to be the next chief  of al-qaeda.  Mastery was killed along with his  daughter the widow of osama bin laden’s  son  hamza bin ladin for the last few months  rumors of masri’s death were doing the  rounds and now for reasons that are  still  unclear. Al-qaeda has not announced the  death of one of its top leaders  meanwhile iranian officials are covering  it up and no country has publicly  claimed  responsibility for the attack.

  Moving on in a major development france  has killed senior al-qaeda leader during  an operation in northern mali,  armed forces minister florence parley  made the announcement earlier today and  said  that this is a major success in the  fight against terrorism.  The former malian army colonel also  known as bamusa dhyara was a right-hand  man  of iyad aggali the leader of mali’s most  prominent jihadi group  the JNIM french leader palais said that  the jihadist outfit was responsible for  several attacks on soldiers and  civilians in mali  and neighboring regions as well. Moussa  who also featured on the u.s terrorism  list was knocked down after an operation  involving ground troops  and helicopters, this comes after a  series of operations which have been  which have seen french forces kill  dozens of islamist fighters in recent  weeks,  now weeks ago the french government  carried out a similar operation  in which its forces had killed more than  50 jihadists which were aligned to the  al-qaeda.  The french government carried out  airstrikes in central mali in an area  near the borders of burkina faso and  niger this area was where the government  troops are struggling to route an  islamic insurgency attempt . The government not only neutralized more  than 50 jihadis but they also  confiscated  arms materials and other vehicles . French leader of armed forces has said  that the anti-jihadist operation  has marked a significant blow to the  ansar  islam group which she said was linked to  the al-qaeda through the  GSIM  alliance led by ayad gali.  Mali has been struggling to contain a  brutal jihadist insurgency attempt which  first emerged in the north of the  country  in 2012 overtaking a rebellion by mostly  ethnic to our  separatists.  Frustration over the seemingly endless  conflict contributed to mass protests  against president ibrahim bubakar keta  this year  which led to him ousting in a military  coup on august 18th.  In order to curtail the terrorist  activities the united nations has some  13 000 troops deployed in mali as part  of its peacekeeping mission  known as the menusma while  france has 5100 soldiers deployed in the  sahel region.

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