Blood Transfusion Can prevent Millions Of peoples each year

Karachi:On a specific press conference Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari emphasized that on the occasion of world Blood Donor Day 2019 every one should contribute to donate the blood to blood bank.So that every one get safe & helthy blood when needed. This is the key point for healthy health.

Blood transfusion prevent millions of lives per annum. It also help in a way that proper management provide when women in periods etc.

This compaign is only to focused on blood transfusion , blood importance & blood donation in a specific manner. This compaign provide every on that “Safe Blood for all” This compIGN AIMS TO RAISED VOICE 0R AWARENES that get safe blood by this way it is helfull for every one .

At the end the need of blood is most important for every one in the world because it is universal component of our body it can not be neglected , our lives depend on safe blood circulation. Also Dr Ahmed emphasized on quality of blood in blood bank & the availability is also so mush get importance in this regards .

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