Business is a major part in our life .it is most important for us because this is the way of earning and in this field….!

very much profits.Business plays as important role in our daily life .there are many types of bussiness like general stores fertilizers and pesticide .

products saleing like pen camera and many more unique things. Medical stores shop are also a business glaxo smith is a good company for making medicines

business in a very good thing in the world because in this feild we are able to do any type of nothing is this we earn much more from other works

In other works like landing jobs etc .So we are sure that this is a good and wonderful job .On the other side we discuss a business.

Business is a mega deal with country,peoples,team works and many more with  business man…

Business trade with india and Pakistan the volume the trade between them The potential exports to india is 2.5 billion export fresh and dry fruits ,fish germs ,cotton….!

                        (   Side Effects )
On the other side in business are also goes to in loss Because in this thing when we Earn from business so we also can accept a loss side In this loss side peoples are scared to accept this kind of side effect
If You dont struggle on this work day by day the name of business will be back to loss
The loss side of business is a dangerous thing ..
In Bussiness you should your money was must that’s it ur  real amount then u don’t Need to worry …!

Its total final process of business

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