CM: Public welfare is most important for our PTI Govt

At lahore the Chief Minister of Punjab said in aspecific press conference that the previous govt took loans but the specific amount was not spent on people of Pakistan & increase the inflation due to money laungering. But our PTI Govt get best steps to increase the economy of country , decrese inflation & empower people of Pakistan.

His statements describe that the former govt weakened the institution of Pakistan Govt & decrese the value of nation , the mission of former Govt was only to make monet from the Pakistan & his nation.

The PTI Govt took difficult & challenging tasks to empower the economy of country, decrese the loan amount onto Pakistan & make a prosperious Pakistan As the dream of Allama Iqbal .

The Chief Misnister of Punjab Said in press conference the former  rulers had been bankrupted due to his wrong policies. Due to wrong policies of former rulers the Pakistan became so much devalue among the world , now the Pakistan our motherland is a growing country in the world.

He said in pressconference that our Govt took practical steps to make Pakistan prosperious. Our mission is that nothing is important than our nation

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