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when president trump leaves office in  just 68 days he’ll return to the world  of  average citizen a world without special  privileges and  immunities of the presidency and while  president trump has often been at the  center of numerous lawsuits  tonight we take a closer look at the  wave of legal jeopardy that could be on  the horizon  and why a controversial potential  self-pardon  might not solve every coming legal test .

  Donald trump  has used the presidency as a legal  shield . Donald trump says “the worst presidential harassment in  history”   but outside the white house a new  reality awaits  “he’s an ordinary citizen uh full stop i  mean we we actually had an entire  revolution  against the idea of kingly prerogative  and  the idea that a king is above the law” No  former president has ever been  criminally investigated or charged with  a crime  but trump will leave office implicated  in multiple active investigations  into personal conduct from before the  presidency there are  credible allegations that donald trump  has engaged in  tax fraud bankruptcy fraud  probate fraud and that’s unprecedented  we’ve never had  an allegation of pre-presidential  criminal conduct  follow a president after he leaves  office. In new york manhattan district  attorney cyrus vance  is leading a criminal probe into trump’s  business practices  while vance has not spelled out specific  allegations of wrongdoing  he’s seeking eight years of trump’s tax  returns  last summer the u.s supreme court said  trump did not have immunity  from sub poenas there’s no reason  for the president’s accounting firm  mazars to a former accounting firm to  resist those subpoenas anymore  how critical are those documents what  could they show the  tax returns would be important  for cyrus stance to explore but probably  triangulating those tax returns with  other sources of financial information  that he’s been able to obtain or is  still trying to obtain  trump is the first president in 40 years  to refuse to release his taxes  according to the new york times decades  of trump’s tax return data it obtained  appears to show the billionaire  businessman paid no federal income tax  in 10 of the last 15 years and starting  in 2010  claimed an income tax refund of 72.9  million  which the times says is now at the  center of an irs audit . But trump says actually i paid tax but and you’ll see  that  as soon as my tax returns are it’s  underwrote it  they’ve been underwrited for a long time  the irs does not treat me well  the times also reported trump has more  than 300 million dollars in debt  coming due in the next four years on top  of 100 million dollar tax payment due in  2022  and potentially 100 million dollars more  if he loses his refund battle with the  irs the amount of money 400 million  dollars is a peanut  trump’s financial records are also at  the center of a new york state  investigation  into possible financial fraud as alleged  by former trump personal attorney  michael cohen  it was my experience that mr trump  inflated his total assets  when it served his purposes such as  trying to be listed  amongst the wealthiest people in forbes  and deflated his assets  to reduce his real estate taxes new york  state attorney general leticia james  is actively investigating cohen’s claims  the outcome of the election will have no  impact on our investigations  and so we will continue our  investigations again related to the  testimony of michael cohen no one is  above the law  um and that um our investigations have  nothing to do with politics but more to  do  with the uh facts their aggressiveness  in seeking additional information is  indicative of the seriousness with which  they’re treating the allegations  and of their conviction that the  investment of resources  will prove worthwhile legal experts say  trump will soon likely face new  subpoenas for documents and testimony  he last gave a deposition in 2016 just  before winning office  in a civil case he brought against a  former business partner  i do well there simply is no  immunization for a former president  whatsoever and we could actually see  something we have  never seen before in this country which  is the criminal trial of a former  president  and trump’s also facing fallout from  allegations of sexual misconduct  dating back decades e gene carroll a  former l magazine writer claims trump  raped her in a bergdorf goodman dressing  room in the mid 90s  no charges were brought but after  president trump accused carol of lyon  she sued for defamation a federal judge  this week  said the case can go forward i have no  idea who this woman is  this is a woman who’s also accused other  men of things as you know  it is a totally false accusation  surprising to say that that his lawyers  will have plenty of action in the coming  years and  and the criminal side of it may be the  least of the concerns  there’s also a new lawsuit from within  his own family  niece mary trump filing suit in  september alleging her uncle donald  fraudulently kept her from a financial  stake  in the family’s business the president  has called his niece  an opportunistic disgrace to be  disinherited to be  shut out entirely from the wealth of the  family  was to be told quite explicitly  that you don’t count and you were not  loved as he enters the post-presidency  donald trump  facing an unprecedented array of legal  challenges  but one big unanswered question whether  the biden administration will pile on  i will not interfere with the justice  department’s judgment of whether or not  they think they should pursue  the prosecution of anyone that they  think has violated the law  i do believe that the justice department  will be very leery of  bringing prosecutions of a former  president especially when the results of  the election  have been so hotly contested by that  former president regardless president  trump has floated the idea of  preemptively pardoning himself  yes i do have an absolute right to  pardon myself a right not spelled out in  the constitution  and never tried before it also does not  apply to state investigations  like the criminal probe in new york  criminal cases  by and large move somewhat quicker and  they’re the ones that carry with them at  least the potential  for for prison time so a pardon  from himself or from his vice president  would go no distance at  all to exonerating him or immunizing him  against those state legal proceedings.

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