Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world is most good thing.In education there are many departments in universty like chemistry,physics,mathmatics,biology,agricultural,pysciologist,MBA,MPA,BBA,like bba its a banking feild and accounts works marketting work also bba is the best scope in master education and all departments are master degrees,and collage are also there are many departments like fsc,icom, ics in fsc there are two type of departments pre enggeering and pre medical and pre medical the feild of doctors and pre enggering are the feild of engginers and are the feild of accounts and banking and this feild are good for the person of bankers.chemistry is also a good feild in this and physics are also a professional deggrees and the professional degrees are very important for us for a better and good job .in biology all about human body and other living things and animals and the all these feild are good for doing at the i will said that education is not compare with all other things .


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