Forms of Business

It is the activity of sale products in which we provide a service to customer as per demand of the customer in which service provider take things from whole seller & then sale out to retailer with taking profit from retailer.

There are many types of business in the Pakistan or in the overseas such as Fertilizer (as major of our country area is agricultural) Import/Export of different things as per required demand of different countries.


There are many forms of business in which we deal which are given below:

Paterenship: In this major two different investors are investing equally as well profit distributes equally.

Corporation: In corporation culture the owner is one either he elected by body in government system as well he is single owner if private system.

Franchise: In the overall domain in which many of business added up to hundreds from which franchise operate it individually.

Classification of BUSINESS:

Agriculture: This is the backbone of Asia in which thousand lacs of people working for seeding, cutting & transported.

Entertainment: This is also a part of business in which thousands of people working for sake to entertain people

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