Defined by “a state of complete physical, mental approach which can human fresh fit, & good for good health. Is all-possible when we eat proper diet as well eat healthy food with good fresh water then we call a good health of every human being.


We have to determine after an survey that health is the most important part of our life beside it nothing important due to which if our health is good we have work properly efficiently & go through any work with stuggle & efficiently.

Importance of health

The most important part of our life is health either health is good we have to work efficiently bravely as well we have to good look wise mean our personality is called as handsome if our health is good keep in mind we are succefull person in our life below are the advantages of good health:

  • Looking Good
  • Work efficiently
  • Healthy mind
  • Good Decision maker
  • Always prefer neat & clean environment
  • Cool mind
  • Brave

How we maintain our health:


The most essential part of good health is diet it is the most important part from which we maintain our good health proper diet mean we have to eat healthy food clean food.


It is also a main part which maintain our good health because due to exercise our blood circulate properly and our health improving day by day its maintain our weight parts of our body we feel freshly in daily routine.


It is also main part of good health as due to sleep in child hood we improve our height & parts of our body immediately so this also include to imrove our health we have must maintain our sleep on time & properly as we desrve.

Self Care Startegies:

We have must follow all above techniques for good health.

  • Proper Diet
  • Sleep
  • Exercise

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