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A team leader from  Huawei subcontractor  according to the project managers issued work order.  I’m required to visit site  to perform TE installations complete task we have inspected all material and equipment for the work first I will login to ISDP, I need to input the login ID and password into the screen secondly we’ll click onthe to-do list to see the task  allocated then I’ll need to select the filter option and input site ID then I need to select the site under which the task is to be performed thirdly I need to click on the download error option to access the map option or now I’ll click on the map option I will now click on  the site after this I’m clicking the navigation option thereafter I’m choosing Google Maps clicking on the caution will give me the route distance to start from place of departure is 29kilometres and will require a 39 minute , kindlytake care that the EHS rules adhered to when using the mobile application and driving to site.

On Site Clock In

 Upon arrival on site site clocking must be done immediately ,first click on the to do list to see the task allocated then I need to select filter option as the site then I need to select the site under which a task is to be performed this will display tasks allocated to the site and DU IDs third I need to click on the down ward error option to access clock option a clocked option will be displayed I will now click on the clock button the next screen shows the clock in out options as well as further option will now click on the clock in button I need to click on the photo option to take a photo of my team and myself within the same frame photo must reflect the word party in full PPE attire andfirst-aid kit fire extinguisher and EHS documentation photo is mandatory after taking the photo the next screenprovides me with a good work descriptionor the day under the clock in there marks section next I’m clicking on punch the clock at the bottom of thescreen a lot of all the clock in clock out done by Mossad will be displayed the project team in the war room will now vary for the clock in details it countand work cost details using the clock inthe port from ISDP PC hi I am project manager for one of Huawei subcons. I’ll come to the war room at 8o clock every day and will share withyou my activities on a daily basis firstafter logging on to ISDP using my PC I check the clock in slices of my teams as per the plan that was agreed with me howwe p.m. the previous evening next Icheck the clock in remote status tocross-check the team’s plan for the dayI’ll also change account of my teams secondly I check the distance from thesite let my team crofting based on sitedetails I push my team’s in case theyare not excite this I do between 8:15am and 9:00 am in every day.

Initializing Work Order                       

I will now use ISDP mobile to start a QC task. First select task TE installation complete. The next screen then presents the tasks start option. I will now click on the start option to start the task. next I’ll click on the camera option to connect some work progress photos. Thereafter I will click on the remark togive the details of the site work progress for the day. Secondly I will start QC task by clicking on the QC /QA option from the main menu. From the next screen I will now type the site ID andthere after choose the correct DU ID. In the next screen I will choose the business type and the QC plan and now get the list of KCPS against which Ineed to perform this QC task.

EHS Inspection

Prior to the commencement of the QC task, it is mandatory to perform and upload EHS self assessment. Firstly as team leader I need to make sure a team of two, perform cross checks on one another’s PPE conditions. ensuring all team members are wearing the correct and complete PPE kit. I need to be in the kcp screen and select the EHS.  First I will click on collected under the EHS daily  check option. EHS, KCP, PPE check, I will now take a group photo as per the standard photo.  Now for the next KCP EHS certificate , I will take a photo of the EHS certificate kcp ,thirdly after this I will complete the EHS checklist and take a photo of the checklist, fourth I will complete the EHS risk assessment checklist and take a photo ofthe checklist fifth as a team leader I willhave a tollbox meeting with my team for a high risk work and take a photo.

The first five EHS checks are a prerequisite before entering thesite.  I check EHS photos that my team need to upload as soon as they visit the site.  I ensure that my teams follow theEHS guidelines and that I take EHS approval from the huwei  PM before starting any work at site. I ensure that all EHS checks are done by 9:00 am so that my teams are ready to work for the day. No work can begin until this EHS approval has been given by the sub contractor project manager. The remaining two checks are carried out through the day as per day’s work requirements or plan. Sixth for all high risk work such as tower climbing it is critical to ensure the correct PPE is worn. and a team mate is available to supervise and record the event. I will be taking photos of the team members and climbing down the tower. Along with the resque kit photo and upload for “ EHS High Risk”.  Seventh I will take photos of the electrical works teamif any and upload this for EHS  working on electricity. Approval procedures will happen concurrently at the war room to be done by the subcontractors project manager.


 To confirm that the materials have been collected and delivered to site, we need to use the CIAG site sign. In the process of executing QC tasks for concerned site it is required to follow the KCP quality control within QC module, and uploaded the relevant photos. First our choose shelter QC task.  I will now take photos as per the guidelines or standards. save and then submit .Next I will choose another item take the photos save and submit. In this case this item is not applicable. On completion of this  KCP I will now move to the next KCP to take the relevant photos. My PM located in the warroom will use smart QC on the PC to check the photos uploaded for these items and can either approve or reject the photos.

As PM stated “I check the QC tasks using the ISDP on my PC thereafter as my team’s keep uploading photos from sites as required for the various QC KCP’S I keep checking and take the required action of either approving or rejecting a photo.

if any photos are rejected Iwill get tasked to rectify  the issue. After finishing all the installations we verify that the materials are actually on site using the CIAG site verify.


During installation, when encountering any damaged material or other defects and it should ticket can be raised within the work order module first step I will choose the task in which I need to raise the issue I will click on the issue button arising the issue second from the screen I will enter the issue title there after from the problem category will map the correct issue category third I will define the priority high medium or low fourth the responsible party in this case Huawei always first I will select the owner who needs to close the issue sixth I will input the expected issue resolution light seventhI will define the region in this case HQ ,right I will enter my name under issue raised by ninth I will enter the region where the site is tenth I will now enter issue description on a description option eleventh I will take a photo forth issue description if possible and then click on the confirm button to raise the issue once the issues arise the Huawei project management team inthe war room can see the issue on theissue list

As Project Manager stated all above site implementation activities I do between 9 a.m. and 4p.m. every day including coordinating with Huawei for site issue resolution the issue owner can update the issue with regular feedback next I click on initiated by me to track the status of all the issues arise once the issue andit closes the issue from the ISD PPC Ican check the issue clear status from my issues list under initiated by me thenthe issue will not be in the list in the process of any works should there be any deviation from plan or additional work Iwill make a video call to my project manager located in the war room and give him all the details I will sharing the additional works and my project manager will confirm with our management team and get required approval this video call will before evidence I will make a video poll after clicking on the community tab from the main menuhi Amy I’m on site  I’ve logged the issue report we collected the wrong RRU use we need to return them collect the correct ones and get them back this side please advise okay not a problem written the wrong ouruse to STV we will issue an RN project and I will issue a DN and at the same time for you to collect the correct ones okay thanks a lot

Completion of Work order

I mean once I finished all my work for this task then I need to close the task in ISDP.

Leaving the site

 Before leaving the site I need to use ISDP to perform a clock out. I will now click on the clock out button. After this I will now click on the photo option. The photos must show a clean site free of any rubbish and all cabinet photos with their door closed with the container and site also closed and locked. This photo is compulsory. Now since I’ve taken a photo the next screen provide me with a remarks option.  I will now enter the work carried out at the site for the day. The team in the war room will now verify the clock out details. Next I check if they have clocked out, uploaded photo and the site progress report in the clock out remarks option. This I do between 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. every day. Once approved by the war room they the team can leave the site completing a full day of site operation. From 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  I update the progress report for the day in ISDP as well as update Huawei on the site issue resolution status. From 7:00 p.m. to 8:00p.m. every day I work with the Huawei p.m. for the next days plan.


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