Leadership skills

Leadership and Emotional intelligence:

Aristotle’s Challenge

Any one can become angry- that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the time purpose, and in a right way- this is not easy

What is EQ all about?

EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. EQ is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise.

What is EQ all about, so now this is one about recent studies, EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. If you remember that every body is talking about intelligence questions, every one tell that how much intelligent person is? EQ has taken over in that of how once behaviour impact in organization or individual himself.

Let me go through definations.


The ability to use to use your emotions in a positive and constructive way in relationship with others.

You can learn to be emotionally independent and gain the attributes that allow you to have emotional intelligence by connecting to core emotions, accepting them, and being aware of how they affect your decitions and actions.

Being able to relate behaviours and challenges of emotional intelligence on workplace performance is an immense advantage in building an exceptional team.

These are key areas if one has to understand whether you are an employee or whether CEO in your organization, you all play a vital role in your organization because emotional intelligence does affect day to day tasks or project your are working in , and how you interact with people. If you can’t control your emotions, then might be able to break a significant amount of your respect as well as also damage the repeatation of your bussiness or your organization.

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