Pakistan told India to wait for its new surprise

Pakistan Army speaker says Prime Minister MR imran khan asked everyone to become ready for any causualty.

-Refused India’s due to 350 people militants targeted on Jaish-e-Mohammad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army speaker Major Asif Ghafoor on Tuesday said india wait for Pakistan respond.some hour after Indian fighter aircraft into Pakistan airspace from Muzaffarabad sector & firedfour bomb in the Jabba area of Balakot & return to India.

 “Today , the Prime Minister asked every one in Pakistan to get ready for every causlty. Our all of us ready for India to wait for our respond”

The Managing Director of Inter Service Public Relation(ISPR) Started the presser with a unique presentation & claim made against India that this country’s air forced has taken very wrong step to drop struck on training camp of militant Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) in Balakot”.

Army claimed that it remain in Pakistani aircraft for 21 minutes & killed 350 terrorists. Army clam that the second strike in Muzafarabad & third in Chakothi.

 “Allah almighty is the finalist & our nation get best revenge of this causlty” challenged Maj Gen Gafoor

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