PM Imran Khan talks offer again to India

The Prime Minister Imran khan was adressing the Indian govt & nation to stop this type of causuality with Pakistan otherwise we have to take hast & fast action for it. Our Pak Army , Govt & nation again offer the indian nation army & govt to get on one table talk for all isssues.

The Prime Minister emphassed to UNO to help Pakistan to overcome this type of causuality never the less we know what should do for india. As a human being it is good for both nation & goverenments.

Focussed on the issue in a limited time of frame. Our army is ready to get over.

The spokeman of foreign office Dr Muhammad Ashraf said Pakistan stuck back. PAF took action indian plane to cross LOC border.

The whole processs to show our right As a Pakistan is a independent country in Asia & world . No one cross the LOC border of pakistan .

while adressing ,shooting down the two air craft of inda in to soil by pakistan air force (PAF). The other person of india start adressing to the PM that ” i want take in confidence the situation arised yestarday”

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