Politics creates or formulates laws through which laws are formulated, law of land is made through politition.   Politicians of need become expert users of the media.  Politicians in the 19th century made heavy use of  magazines, and pamphlets, as well as posters. In the 20th century, they shifted into radio and television, making television commercials the single most expensive part of an election campaign. In the 21st century, smart phones and social media is main character in politics.

Rumor has played main role in politics. Negative rumor has its own importance to defeat opponents.

An elected person is government official who deal with beaureacracy. Beaureaucracy is not of elected people. An elected person is for example prime minister is head of bureaucracy. Spoil system start due to curropt polititions.Many scholars have studied the qualities of politition. It is reality that most of the polititions are not in touch with public. The popular image of the politition is that they are not keep in touch with public. Polititions are selfish.

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