• Zardari is the most currupt person because she was a cause of a lot money laundering and it’s is lossful for him now a days he was in jail in the cause of money laundering he is so many many factories home shop Plazas so many property of his and totally it’s black money of a government or country peoples and he was not agree that Its not black he said its mine money and it’s mine real money now we talk on Nawaz Sharif it’s party was non league and zardari party is peoples party Nawaz sharif hold the government 5 20 years and her daughter hold the government 10 year and his brother hold the government 10 year Shahbaz Sharif government he work soon many cities likes Multan metro bus project speedo bus project and the cleaneess of Multan city the main home of Nawaz Sharif and shahbaz Sharif at nearest Lahore city The main basic is the government of Nawaz Sharif was the best because the thareek e insaf government was do all the thing precious and the number of country people so disheart.

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