Saudi pressure to recognize Israel// Imran khan // Trump Administration

Prime minister imran khan vowed  that he would not  join the trump administration’s peace  initiative with israel despite  efforts as he put it to convince him to  do so now he alluded to the fact that  there’s pressure on him to make the  diplomatic move but  you would not say what the source of the  pressure is now some reports claim the  saudi monarchy is in talks with him on  the issue and  pakistani analysts have speculated in  recent weeks that  normalization with israel could in fact  happen soon .

  When prime minister khan talks about uh  quote unquote pressure these reports  claiming it’s coming from saudi arabia  but  likely also from the trump  administration what pressure might they  be applying where’s the leverage in  there.  well  rightly pointed out that  according to my sources  uh crown prince mohammed bin salman  contacted Mr. imran khan  and he requested him to please do  something  to  for pakistan to recognize  israel but according to my sources imran  khan did not  immediately give his reaction but   he said that you know mbs  you know the stance of pakistan and my  predecessors has been  you know reluctant in recognizing islam  but it would not be  you know possible for me to immediately  recognize israel but  let’s see and hold on this is what my  sources told me  but interestingly prime minister imran  khan took to   you know media and he he revealed  that  a friendly country was pressurizing him  to grow  recognize you know israel but he was  pointing to you know saudi arabia but  you have rightly pointed out it’s not  the saudi arabia but  pakistan has been getting pressure from  the united states as well  but as we have seen in the past pakistan  did not change his stance when it comes  to pakistan and  you know israeli relationship but at the  moment what i can tell you  is that imran khan has  revealed he was under pressure but one  thing has  that has happened goes into his favor  that is  imran khan is closely watching the  situation in the middle east  as we have seen that united arab  emaraites has established connection with  Israel.  Imran khan is closely watching but he  did not  immediately give a positive reaction to  mohammed bin salman’s and trump  administration but he is getting  pressure from both sides  mohammed bin salman and the trump  administration  as well  certainly the  at least the reports on the story are  getting attention in israel raising some  eyebrows but prime minister khan there  he said no way to recognizing israel  that he could stand following the  tradition of the country’s founder there  is that the way that  most people in pakistan feel . Pakistan and  the people of pakistan they are very  hawkish to  the israel and one thing is very common  here in pakistan that pakistan in  millions of pakistani plays  for every ill that comes to pakistan it  must be  coming from you know israel so  pakistanis  unfortunately have been blaming israel  india and you know  united states for  every failure  for pakistan  but it is gonna change right now what i  am  observing here in pakistan that this is  gonna change because the liberal  the progressive and the well-educated  pakistanis do believe that  pakistan should change its storms about  israel because  the middle east arab countries when we  talk about turkey whenever  when we talk about united methodist they  all have  to some extent you know uh establish  relationship with  israel then there is no harm for  pakistan to establish such type of  relationship as well and according to my  sources at the intelligence level  uh pakistan’s ISI and israel  MOSAD they they have a good connection uh this  is what i have  been getting from my sources but  as your conversation is concerned i  think the mood is getting a  positive change in pakistan a number of  people  want the pakistani government to  establish relationship with israel but  they are  very few in number but let’s see  what i think within a within five to ten  years  there must be and there should be a  number of pakistanis  who will spot who will be supporting  their governments to establish  connection with these rights we hope  that that resistance is eroding somewhat  and that  someday in the near future there could  be peace and normalization  between our countries.  

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