Story of Abhinandan Between India and Pakistan.

now the pakistan’s army chief general  has said that legs were shaking while  foreign minister shah mahmud qureshi  told a meeting of parliamentary leaders  that india was about to attack their  country  this uh pakistani lawmaker said as he  recounts the events of february 2019’s  at the meeting during which the imran  khan government  decided to release the indian air force  pilot wing commander  abhinandan in a speech in the national  assembly  pakistan muslim league end the leader  awas  has said that the foreign minister shah  mahmud qureshi  had in an important meeting pointed out  that if pakistan did not release the  wing commander  india would attack pakistan and that  night by around  nine o’clock  well uh we to get more details on this  we have uh wish to uh joining us uh  vishnu what are people making of these  comments  well this is one of those arguments uh  which the  the entire narrative on bala court the  strike on the terrorist training center  there and what happened the day after  when there was an air battle between  india and pakistan  that seems uh that story seems to sort  of have re-emerged with what this  pakistani lawmaker has said and  basically referring to  uh the circumstances in which wing  commander abhinand the indian air force  pilot was shot down  behind in pakistan the circumstances in  which he was released  and the point being made is by this  lawmaker or this claim being made by  this lawmaker is that there was a  situation  in which uh pakistan feared an imminent  indian military attack  which is why abhinaving  was released however there is a lot in  this which we’ve actually reported in  the past  was there a possibility of an indian  attack  after the 27th of february 2019  the answer is yes but was it necessarily  linked  to the release of wing commander abhinav  the answer is no  and that is on the basis of what the  then air chief air chief marshal dhanwa  had said  where he said that the indian air force  was positioned  to strike out at pakistani army brigades  this would have taken place had  pakistan’s attack  on our facilities in jammu and kashmir  on the 27th  of february been successful as it turns  out it wasn’t  the pakistanis tried to attack indian  brigade headquarters  on that day through their air force and  they failed their bombs missed their  targets if however  uh those targets in the broader rajori  punch area  had been struck then the indian air  force would have been forced to  retaliate  so the name of abhinandan and you know  brings up a lot of emotion on on both  sides  of the border but the circumstances of  an indian  counter-attack were not linked entirely  to abhinandan  they would have been linked to a  successful pakistani attack  which never took place right uh vishnu  thank you so much  for joining us with all those details  

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