Why are Gulf Nations Uniting Against Turkey// UAE is strategic partner of US// UAE supports syrean Govt.// Saudi bussiness leaders calls for bycott turkey

  it’s no secret that turkey’s relations  with the united arab emirates and saudi  arabia have been fraught for years  in nearly every regional conflict or  dispute ankara has found itself directly  confronting riyadh and abu dhabi  but with the uae’s push to normalize  relations with israel  is there something more substantial at  play.  Celebrating a rare alliance the united  arab emirates stunned the world  in august when it announced it was  normalizing relations with israel  the last time an arab nation recognized  israel 26 years ago  when jordan signed a peace treaty with  the jewish state  in september another arab country did  the same  this time bahrain and there’s talk of  others following suit  many have considered iran to be the  target of this new alliance  israel and the gulf arab states don’t  hide their shared hostility towards  tehran  but there’s evidence to suggest these  diplomatic breakthroughs  are aimed at yet another country during  last month’s arab league summit  the uae’s foreign minister said   egypt’s foreign said something similar  egypt will not stand ideally by in the  face of turkish ambitions  that are manifesting in northern iraq  syria and libya in particular  the meeting was chaired by the  palestinians who came to condemn the new  agreement between israel  and the uae but the arab league ignored  them  instead it decided to establish a  committee to monitor what it called  turkish aggression these states are  usually afraid of actually not the  states but  leaders afraid of being challenged by  soft power of the other muslim states so  that’s the question  once the foreign ministry of united arab  emirates  you know declares something against  turkey  i think it’s just because  what turkish image is in the minds of  the arabs  in the overall middle east israel too  seems to believe  turkey is a challenge in an interview  with the times newspaper  the head of israel’s intelligence agency  mossad  said he considered turkey to be a bigger  danger than iran  as turkey’s reach and influence grows in  the region  arab states and israel appear  increasingly threatened  ankara backed the arab spring uprisings  which upset the gulf monarchies  states like the uae see any call for  democracy as an existential threat  turkey also has close ties with qatar  which has been under a collective  boycott by arab states  since 2017. gulf monarchies have  responded by blocking turkish news media  and discouraging tourism to turkey last  week  the head of saudi arabia’s chamber of  commerce called for turkish products to  be blacklisted  there’s a great competition in libya  that they do not want turkey over there  and also in syria  so once they are against turkey  in terms of military presence they have  to you know create a kind of  psychological  environment and an embargo for the  turkish goods  is one way but how does being friendly  with israel hurt turkey  some analysts suggest the uae wants to  use israel  and its close ties with the us to  undermine turkey  with more arab nations expected to  normalize relations with israel  can this aim be realized.  we have seen turkey rise in the middle  east in north africa  no doubt turkey is an ascendant player  in the region  i think it’s important for us to see  this within the context  of a decline in u.s influence  throughout the region there are voids  and there are  vacuums in the mena regions geopolitical  order  and ankara has been filling some of  these voids  as you mentioned correctly within the  gulf region  there are very different perspectives on  what it means for turkey to be a more  powerful  and more decisive actor on one hand  there is qatar and also kuwait  and i would also add to that the  sultanate of oman  which are turkey-friendly countries but  we also have the united arab emirates  in saudi arabia which view turkey as a  major  threat and so this question of turkish  influence in the region  is one of numerous issues that divide  the gulf monarchies yes so more than any  other arab gulf country vape the uae is  the most committed to confronting  uh turkey why what’s at stake for abu  dhabi  um in a broader region given its  normalization of ties with israel  well it’s interesting that while the uae  turkey relations suffer suffer seriously  there are obviously a conflict of  interest in region  and that’s more demonstrative in libya  they both support uh you know their each  other’s enemies let’s put it that way  but um i think what’s interesting here  is that while the  uh relations deteriorating uh you find  they’re getting better relations with  israel signing agreements and normal  under normalization  you can see that they’re compromising  the uh palestinian  issue which is uh vitally middle east  throughout a decade and but i think  what is it here is very interesting uae  uh  in the last decade this also decided to  be a major actor  uh uh in the middle east whatever  happening so you can find them  at the syria uh supporting the regime or  a thesis turning blind eye to uh  what’s happening or the regime brutal  brutality of the regime towards uh  opposition and when it comes to uh  egyptian egypt while the military food  takes place  turkey says that this is a military  crime i mean nothing else and they said  no no we’re fine with this support  uh you know egyptian leadership now and  in libya the same thing you have the  un-supported government there  so people wouldn’t kill each other and  sit around the table and discuss  you find a character half their  supported by uae  so i think i mean no one cannot possibly  he wants to be have an  active role in these issues but i don’t  think they have a clear strategy  georgia you just mentioned the declining  u.s influence in middle east and  elsewhere  prompted abu dhabi to fill a power  vacuum in the region so  can we say that the united arab emirates  is a partner or a strategic partner to  the united states and  do you think it’s a reliable partner in  this respect  there’s no doubt that washington and abu  dhabi have  an extremely close partnership  this is a decades-old partnership  i think it’s important to also recognize  though that there are some serious  conflicts of interest between the united  states  and uni uh united arab emirates we see  this in  numerous instances as  colleague correctly pointed out uae  supports the syrian government the uae  is very  open about its pro-assad stance  the trump administration is imposing  maximum pressure on the syrian  government  yes at the same time the united states  supports a unified yemen  while abu dhabi is trying to split yemen  between  north and south the u.s along with  turkey  recognizes the government of national  accord  in tripoli to be the only legitimate  government in libya  whereas the uae has been supporting  a warlord who has been trying to  overthrow  that government and also the uae  has been blockading qatar since 2017  and the u.s administration is trying  with no success but nonetheless it’s  trying to  end the gcc crisis so again to answer  your question of course the us and uae  have a close partnership but there are  definitely some sources of tension  between the two countries  so um vapes some are have argued that  the  united arab emirates and israel are  working together  to undermine turkey in those let’s say  mentioned  regions how realistic is this and what  could they do  well i think it’s safe to say that uh  they yes they’re trying to undermine the  efforts but  efforts of what i mean turkey is saying  that palestinian issue is important and  that gaza is a  world’s biggest opener prison this  should change  and we should help palestinians  jerusalem is important  for everyone as much as muslims and jews  so this should be protected  when it comes to libya say we shouldn’t  allow the world  war to take over um because you know  there are a lot of  serious efforts yuan committed to stop  civil war stop declining situation uh in  libya and same in  syria etc i think turkey and  uae could have been good partners for a  good future of the middle east but it  seems  it’s not happening i’m not bothered  about that i mean two countries always  can have a conflict of interest in the  region  but what i’m trying to say is that the  vision  of uae seems not really very clear  one thing it seems that the regimes  or any movements they’re supporting is  like  i think self-adopted uh  quite uh i think also a dangerous uh  act in that view because it’s not going  to take  the middle east anywhere yeah of course  they’re also dragging uh saudi arabia  with them  i mean turkey never had bad relations in  the past with saudi arabia here and  there we have uh  some conflicts but because turkey is not  a best ally with iran as well so  or also they are able to take a stand  like this  so georgia uh the arab league ignored  palestinian call  uh to condemn the uae for normalizing  deal with israel  at that summit instead they condemned  turkey so what’s next for the  palestinians when saudi arabia finally  normalizes relations with israel  i am not so sure that saudi arabia  normalizing diplomatic relations with  israel  is inevitable i think we have to wait  and see  you know the perspective from riyadh on  this  issue is very different from  the perspective in abu dhabi or manama  but nonetheless  it is fair to say that arab states  are moving in the direction of  normalization  in saudi arabia is a part of that trend  i think probably we’re going to see the  palestinian leadership  uh especially in gaza become  much more likely to give up  for good on a number of arab regimes  and probably become more  uh consolidated in its position that the  only support they can get  throughout the wider islamic world is  coming from  iran qatar and turkey  not so much arab states that have  traditionally played  a leadership role in the region uh  one final point if i may it’s it’s very  notable  that while the syrian government is  uh keen to emphasize that it will not  normalize relations with israel until  and unless the whole golan heights is  returned to syria  the regime in damascus did not condemn  the uae israel deal this is a  huge contrast from 1994  when the regime of hafez al-assad  strongly condemned  jordan for establishing diplomatic ties  with israel that says a lot about how  much  damascus values its rapprochement with  abu dhabi  and vape very briefly we know that there  have been some levels of talks between  ankara and cairo but  recently  egypt’s foreign minister shakuri said  egypt will not stand idly by the face of  turkish ambitions  as we just mentioned in libya iraq and  especially  in northern syria so what’s the end game  here  well first of all we should i think  identify  uh the turkeys or turkish  uh ambitions in the region uh i think  it’s quite ambiguous but i know what uh  what it means  because starting start of the arab  spring  you can find that the uh propaganda  against  turkey uh emerged and and had a strong  place  in the minds of a middle eastern  population public in general this is to  say that  turkey represented by the erdogan have  this ambition  of re-establishing ottoman empire  in the region so it is i mean they asked  me in  many times at arabic tv stations that i  joined  and i mean i said well guys turks know  nothing about this  i mean uh but it sells the idea cells  very well i can see that but it’s  ambiguous how how that would be possible  how turkey can reestablish autumn and  empire.  

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